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If you love French Bulldogs, you belong to here

We are building families all around the world with our purebred French Bulldogs.

Dreaming about an adorable Frenchie as a new family member? We'll make your dream come true, with a puppy from our breeding program. Our goal is to find you the perfect French Bulldog puppy, who can guarantee unforgettable memories. 

As wonderful as breeding is there are many genetic disorders that can be detrimental to a dog's and it's owner's life. A pup's health, temperament and appearance are determined by the genes passed on by their parents and bloodline. In our breeding program we only select French Bulldogs from the highest and healthiest quality. Our happy, playful and adorable puppies are chosen from champion bloodline with perfect genetical attributes, sticking to the AKC standard sizes. 

How do you get your puppy?

Before the flight the French Bulldog puppies undergo a full veterinarian check performed by an independent vet. In case of any health issues the puppies are prohibited from travel.
We selected four airline companies (Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, KLM and LOT) over the years, they provide a professional non-stop service for our Frenchies, making sure they are safe and comfortable throughout of the journey. The puppies are monitored constantly ensuring they are fed, watered, cleaned and kept at the right temperature. The travel crates used adhere to stript EU and international regulations giving the French Bulldogs sufficient space to walk around.
You don't have to do more, just going to your closest international airport and pick up your new family member. We arrange for you the whole paperwork process.

We provide worldwide delivery exclusively with professional airlines. Trained animal keepers provide first class service for your puppy.

Show quality French Bulldogs from champion bloodline

A successful breeding can't work for long time without passion, love and care. French Bulldogs from Paradise guarantee that your chosen one will arrive in perfect physical, mental and social conditions.

Health Guarantee and more!

If you choose us, we will send you a contract which is including all details of your puppy (birth date, color, all of vaccinations, gender, microchip number, pictures of your new puppy in the contract).
In this way, we making you sure that you will receive the puppy that you have chosen. Before your purchase we are sending you our Health Guarantee. 


We give the best to our Frenchies. They live in a calm and excellent environment, grow up with our family and other pets. Furthermore we try to accustom them the everyday things, as travel in a car, potty training, bath. These often cause problems in older ages, but it is important to lay down the basics at young age. If you'll choose a Frenchie from our breeding program, you will receive a well  socialized pup.

Payment is safety!

We accept PayPal and international bank wire payment menthods. 

Fast and easy payment and shipment process

If you made your decision and chose your Frenchie, we will send you all the details and pictures of your puppy. Before your purchase, please read our documents carefully, and if you like to modify the content, please let us know. 

Within 5 to 10 days you can hug your dream puppy. Still concern about purchasing from us? Check our references, write us an email, contact with our US clients or simply just call us!

We have some useful tips how to protect yourself from online scam pet sellers. Click to the following to read our article.

The most awaited day!

"I was so happy to finally find people I could trust to find my perfect companion. From picking out my pup, to emailing back and forth with Mike, to picking up Finn from the airport, was the smoothest transition I could have ever asked for! These people genuinely give so much love and attention to these sweet pups before they go to their forever homes, it makes my heart melt.

Finn has been nothing short of a blessing to my life and I've already recommended to many! If and when I ever get another, I'll definitely be going through French Bulldogs from Paradise 🧡🧡🧡"

- Lauren from Portland

Be ready!

Before your pup's arrival, we have collected some of our tips which we highly recommend.

  •  Prepare your home before the new family member arrives.
  •  Puppies are just like us. If they feel your care and love, they will open quickly.
  •  Obtain your pup's favourite toys before the arrival to make him/her more comfortable. We'll let you know what he/ she prefered to play with before the journey.
  •  We feed our Frenchies with premium hypoallergic dog food, for beautiful fur, better stool, and more energy.
  •  Hide electronical cords, cleaning supplies, valuable items and everything which can be dangerous for your puppy's health. Hide all those things out of paw's reach.
  •  If you're willing to be a dog owner, make sure you have enough quality time for your chosen one, to give him/her a happy and beautiful life.
  •  Make an Instagram account for your puppy and follow more Frenchies from the Frenchbulldogs from Paradise family!
  •  Go to the park and search for four legged friends!  

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