What is FAQ? 

Everybody knows it.. frequently asked questions... 

What is FAQ when you want a Frenchie?

We help you!

When you decide that you want a four-legged friend to your family, you gonna face a many questions..

What kind of food should I buy, What is the process, when will I get my puppy, is the flight safety?!

Is the flight safety?

We know new pet owners are anxious about their fur baby's flight! Air travel always means excitement and uncertainty for both the owners and their four-legged friends. We have sent many French Bulldogs around the world in the last eight years. French Bulldogs are transported in a specially designed "sky kennel" - temporary "dog houses" made of plastic and equipped with sturdy doors. The puppies are transported in a separate area and the trained animal keepers provide first-class service for your pet, so it's never too warm nor cold in the cargo area. We only work together with professional airline companies. You can be sure we want your puppy in the best condition and health when he/she arrives and that's why we give you a health guarantee. 

What is the process for getting a puppy?

After you have made your decision and chosen your Frenchie we will send you our pet sales contract and agreement which includes all the details and pictures of your puppy.

How can I pay?

We accept wire transfer and PayPal payment method. PayPal is a reputable company with security and consumer protection in place to keep you safe. When you reserve a puppy we will send you an official PayPal invoice that includes the approximate (within 2 or 3 days) arrival date and details of your new family member. The deposit amount ranges between $500-1000 depending on the puppy's full price. In that case we need the remaining balance a couple of days before your pet's flight. 

Health guarantee:

Our breeding program does not include any genetically disordered French Bulldogs. For this reason we guarantee your money back in case of one.  

How can I pick up my puppy and where?

About 10 days before the flight we receive the exact arrival date and time of your puppy's delivery. You have to drive to your closest international airport to receive him. You must present your driver's license or other documents of identity as well as your confirmed order. Since our breeding location is in Europe, there are limited airports to which we can ship your puppies. Shipment prices very some based on different airports and airline companies. You can see the prices at the available puppies, but very rare it could be plus 200-300$ cost.

What should dog owners know about Frenchies?

You need to be careful about what dog food you feed them. French Bulldogs usually have sensitive stomachs and therefore we recommend you only use premium products. We will be happy to share our experiences of feeding French Bulldogs over 8 years, what dog food brands were better, what kind of daily eating routines were the best for dogs at different stages of life. We can also recommend vitamin supplements to use.

Puppy shots and deworming schedule

Puppies are born with immature immune systems which make them highly susceptible to contracting disease. Thankfully, their mothers transfer to them part of their own immunity via colostrum when they nurse. Colostrum is a substance found in the mother's milk for the first few days after giving birth. It provides her newborns with important protective proteins against several diseases. These agents are known as "maternal antibodies". As long as maternal antibodies to a particular disease are active in the newborn's system, they will help give protection against that disease. However, these antibodies can also render some types of vaccines ineffective against various diseases during the time they are functional. How long these maternal antibodies last varies between individuals and is affected by many factors. Therefore, the typical puppy vaccine series starts around 6-8 weeks of age. Boosters are administered every 2-4 weeks.
6 weeks: Parvovirus
8 weeks: Combination vaccine same time with microchip  (a puppy can travel at 10weeks old)
8 weeks: Nobivac KC-live vaccine to provide protection against upper respiratory disease caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica and canine parainfluenza virus.
10 weeks: Combination vaccine 
12 weeks: Rabies vaccine 
Deworming: from the age of two weeks to 10 weeks with the following schedule: at two, four, six, eight, ten weeks age and two days before their flight.
Rabies vaccination: 3 months old