How to prepare your French Bulldog for a baby


Dogs can detect and remember scents long after the first time they were smelled it. Your Frenchie can tell when you are pregnant, sometimes ever before you know. I mean they are not able to tell you, but they know something is different.

Bringing a baby home is one of the most beautiful feelings in people’s life. 

But if you have a dog, it can also be stressful, because you don’t know how they will react to the baby.

Preparing a dog for a new family member might sound challenging, but it's necessary. Frenchies are good learners, but because of the 'strange sounds' which are released by the baby, Frenchies may become frightened. And jelaous as well.

Firstly, you'll need to change the routine. Reduce the amount of time you play with your Frenchie, so they are used to having less of your time. Teach your dog to spend more time with toys alone and to be more independent.

Play 'baby sounds' like cying, screaming occasionally. After a period of time your Frenchie should get used to the strange sounds. Let your dog see baby things around the house before the baby arrives, let he/she smell them. When your puppy wants to chew them, let he/she know that they're for the baby.

These are the things you should do before your due date. 

But what about you and your baby arrive home from the hospital?

Give time 

to your dog to adjust to the new fam member and to see you with the baby. Your Frenchie should be relaxed seeing you carry the baby and not to try to jump on you.

The next step 

is allowing him/her to approach you and the baby. If you keep him/her on a leash, you can avoid accidents. If your puppy does well, reward him/her with a treat. 

If everything goes well

increase the amount of time your puppy spends with the baby. 

The key to making good relations in the house is in your love and support. 

You should never neglect your Frenchie, otherwise, he/she may easily connect bad things with the baby's presence.

Teach both Frenchie and your baby to respect each other's space from day one.

Don't leave the baby and the dog alone unsupervised, because you can not tell how your puppy would react if your baby suddenly grabs for example your puppy's ears and doesn't let go.

You have to start to prepare your Frenchie for the baby, before she/he arrives, because it’s much easier than after the baby comes.

It’s very difficult to train your dog and your baby at the same time.