Are stairs bad for French Bulldog?


Here's a short answer to the question:  

there're dangers of stairs for them and because of that stairs aren't the best for Frenchies.

But why? What could you do against it? We'd like to help you, so let's begin.

One of our puppies, Olive, who lives in Fairfax, CA
One of our puppies, Olive, who lives in Fairfax, CA

It has nothing to do with the Frenchie's age, the height, the stairs, it's because of the breed itself and their built. Going up and down stairs requires balance. French Bulldogs have short legs which makes their steps small and not enough to give them the required balancet o shift their weights from one step to another.

Most of them learn to climb upstairs but find it difficult to go downstairs. Frenchies are lower to the ground and it affects their ability.

Even though it's difficult for them and they do it with a little struggle, you can help your pup learn how to climb stairs.

The best time to train your Frenchie is during puppyhood. Introduce your dog to stairs gradually and slowly, and don't forget – always supervise them when they're trying to climb to stop them from falling over or slipping.

Here is what you can do to to train them: 

Clear the steps of any ostacles

Distract your puppy with playful actions

Start with a small flight of stairs

Keep the session short

Use treat and positive reinforcement treats act as a reward for your Frenchie's efforts and a source of motivation

Practice a few times a week

As they get better at it, start to get further away

Teach them to pace themselves. Train them to stop jumping early on

Be patient, consistent

Keep training fun and dynamic to capture your Frenchie's interest

Frenchies are more scared to go down the stairs and may need more time to learn how to go downstairs,

Here are some safety tips that can make stairs safer for your French Bulldog:

Install dog ramps

Avoid slippery staircases

Put grip surfaces on stairs (carpets, rubbized runners)

Use gates

Having stairs in your house shouldn’t stop you from buying or keeping a Frenchie. 

A little encouragement and training are all that is required to help your Frenchie climb stairs. The more effort you spend on training, the better your dog’s chances will be living an issue-free life.