How to avoid online puppy scams?

Let's be honest, to fall in love with a puppy isn't hard, right? Many people are looking for a furry companion all around the world and that's a heartwarming thing, but you have to be careful who you trust. We know you are very excited to meet with your baby. Unfortunately puppy scammers know that as well. They possess several skills to victimize you. That is precisely why Frenchbulldogs from Paradise did a thorough job and collected tips, how to avoid puppy scams!

1. Ask for new pictures of the puppy with an actual date, time and your name on a paper.

  • According to us, a video call is one of the best ideas before your put down a deposit. This way you are able to see your future pup in every position, as well as be able to see and talk to a trustworthy person.
  • Avoid buying a Frenchie from a person who never shows his face.
  • Do not purchase from anyone who isn't available to make a video call in 2023.
  • Find a responsible breeder who is willing to talk to you and answer the questions you have.
  • French Bulldogs from Paradise is available 24/7 at your service and you can see our team members live! We don't hide.

2. Ridiculously low deposit or price.

  • Offering expensive purebred dogs at bargain prices, even for just the cost of shipping - SCAM
  • You get what you pay for. Quality dogs are expensive to buy, expensive to maintain and expensive to breed. Can you imagine a reputable breeder asking a small amount for her puppy after she was awake at mindnight for weeks to raise the puppies? When you purchase a pup from a breeder, you have to remember that the breeder has already spent a good amount of money on veterinary care for the mother and the pups, supplies, vitamins, quality dog food and that is reflected in the price of the puppy.
  • We have healthy and beautiful purebred French Bulldogs at a fair price.

3. Choose secure payment option

  • Most scammers don't have the ability to process credit cards, but will still try to steal credit card information. Avoid wire transfer too if you can.
    Frenchbulldogs from Paradise have a one and only PayPal account since 2012 and you are able to check it with a simple PayPal call.

4. Do some breeder research and speak with some references before purchase.

  • All reputable breeders have to be references, contact a few of them. Call or text with those people who already bought a puppy from the breeder and talk to them about their experience.
  • We can save time for you and give you contacts from any US state.

Thank you for reading. We do hope that this short article is useful for you.

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