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Hi my name is rubie I purchased our beautiful French bulldog daphne from French bull dog paradise. They made this experience very easy and they always answered any question I had. They always kept me up to date with every detail and any new information they had. They explain the process very well. They sent me a video when...

Hayden from LA

"I am super grateful to have found Frenchbulldog_Paradise! They wrote back to me pretty quick. They explained the whole process for example- what's including in the price, when will the dog be shipped, contracts being sent to you before placing the deposit, also receipts a couple days before confirming travel date for your pup. & Their...

Braulio was very happy to find us and Dante is the perfect puppy for him.

Kathy and Ranfi can't wait to hug their little boy. Unfortunately it was a little bit complicated, because of the covid-19 , but finally now they live together!

"If you are seriously considering a French bulldog, the best option is French Bulldogs from Paradise. Mike is very detailed and will make sure all your questions are answered. He will respond to you very quickly and make this whole process very easy. We have purchased three different Frenchies from them and they are all gorgeous, loving, and the...

Kathy was superexcited when she and his boyfriend, Ranfi have reserved this little angel. She wanted to know everything. Everything about the shipping, the whole process.. we were so glad, that she wanted to be full prepared!

We were so glad, when Anne and his family wrote us from Belgium. Most of all we find new homes for our Frenchies in US. So it was a new adveture for us too: find the best and fast way to send him to his new family, the rules, etc..