WINTER IS COMING - pay extra attention to your dog in cold weather

         As you look out at the window and see trees losing their leaves, the first snow is falling - nights get colder and longer, days get shorter and colder. What does this all mean? Winter is coming.

          It's getting colder, you need to dress warmer, if you don't wan to catch a cold - but not just you, your pets as well! Whether you go for a walk (explicitly for SHORT walks), whether you let them out to the garden.

        French Bulldogs are sensitive to cold weather, do get cold in winter, particularly at night. Would you like to know why they're sensitive? The short answer is because they're not genetically designed to be outdoor dogs (It's true for the other way too, they suffer in hot weather as well). The longer, more 'professional' answer - because of their brachycephalic breed, it means their skulls are shorter than typical. Furthermore, their bodies lose heat quicker that it can be replaced and the short coats don't offer much warmth and protection. Because of this, they need extra attention; it's time to get a warm bed for your baby. 

According to Tufts Animal Condition and Care's scale, you and your Frenchie can go for a walk with zero risk until the temperature is 50°. This scale does not mean you shouldn't take your dog out below 40°. Your dog needs physical activity. It means that go for short walks, have the right gear and be prepared. 

         French bulldogs' immune systems and in general animals' are similar to people's. If they catch a cold, their system try to fight, they have signs, syptoms and need treatments.

Here is a list of them:


  • refusal to go outside
  • making a nest (e.g. pulling at blankets, burrowing in bed)
  • shivering
  • shows lethargy
  • lifts paws off the ground outside


  • Runny nose and nasal discharge
  • Runny or watery eyes
  • sneezing
  • wet-sounding cough
  • lack of appetite
  • shivering
  • warm ears
  • trouble breathing
  • general lethargy

        If you notice any of the signs or syptoms, give your Frenchie treatment because you know - people also need it. In cold weather Frenchies can become dehydrated. Ensure that gets enough fluid! It's the same with food. Puppies just like people don't have much appetite when they're sick. Maybe your dog wants to go outside, but you have to limit time spent outside, e.g. for quick toilet breaks, but the best option if you invest in some puppy pads. Invest in nose balm too, because your Frenchie's nose could be either dry or runny.

Don't forget: if they aren't showing signs of getting better, you should call the vet!


   Everyone wants the best for their puppy so if you want to avoid these syptoms, you have to keep your Frenchie warm. How so? As I mentioned, a comfy, warm bed. But you have to be careful with the location of the bed. It shouldn't be close to the door, windows, move it to a warmer spot. However, don't place it near the radiator, heater, because it can lead to problems, too. Make sure their drinking water isn't too cold. You can buy winter jackets and boots for them, these are a super protection for them! If you go outside don't let them get wet.


Health check is always necessary, but before winter comes, go to the vet in any case. Dogs who are older, or have pre,existing medical condition are more tend to become ill.

If you're an owner, be super careful with your dogs in these winter months. And take care of yourself, too!