Why are Frenchies are so popular?


Nowadays, if you look around carefully you can spot French Bulldogs everywhere you go - in cafes, parks, supermarkets, walking on the streets with their owners, even on public transports in a dog carrier.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) issues an annual ranking each year and ranks the dog breeds from top registrations to least registrations. Guess which breed has been in the top 5 since 2017. If your answer was the French Bulldog, you guessed it! In 2020 the Frenchie has been named runner-up.

Before answering the above question, let's take a look at what happened to this breed in the past:

In the 19th century lace workers from Nottingham lost their jobs due to the Industrial Revolution and began to settle in Normandy. They took their puppies, including Toy Bulldogs with them. In France they crossed the bulldogs with a French terrier-breed and the result was the Bouledogue Francais. This breed of dog was sought by French artists, writers, fashion designers and society ladies. They were recognized in 1898 by the AKC and they also became popular there.

It's well-known how important first impressions are. What do you think when you see a French Bulldog? How small, how cute, how adorable those bat ears are - right?

If we're already talking about its size, this is a very important reason for the popularity. They have small size thus the most favorable dog for city dwellers or people who have less space. It's okay to them to live in an apartment, they don't require a huge back yard. It's also easy to carry them around. We know some people - who have their dog from us, the French Bulldogs from Paradise Team - who live in flat and their French Bulldogs are more than happy with their space. Honestly, these cuties care more about the love they get from you, than how much space they have.

They have the ideal attitude for a family dog, they enjoy the company of people and other dogs, animals. They're able to make people laugh - if they appear they become the clown of the company. Frenchies are very adaptive, can adapt to almost every situation and family. The dogs at the French Bulldogs from Paradise are socialized with other dogs, so your dog from us is going to arrive to you as a friendly Frenchie.

If you have a French Bulldog grooming is a breeze. Their short coat only needs weekly brushings. Besides that you have to bathe them once a month - or of course if they get dirty, and clean their ears gently.

These are pretty much the main reasons why they're so popular. They were liked in the past and now their popularity is booming again. We're going to see if the breed retains the second place in the AKC's 2021 ranking or they may represent the most registrations.

A Frenchie can make your bad day way better, and is the best companion dog you've ever asked for. If you love lap dogs, this breed is the perfect decision for you.