Say hi to our new Frenchies! E&F litters


We are so happy, because we have now two newborn litters. 

Let us introduce you the "E" and the "F " litters. 

E litter

Thes little babies were born in the middle of April, the mother name is Bella. Bella is an adorable black color Frenchie, who is such a good Frenchie Mamma. 

There are 2 female, and 3 male in this litter. 

Euphoria: a black-merle color lady, Emily: a black color lady, Eddie: a black color boy, Edison: a black color boy, Einstein: a blue color boy. 

F litter

Some days later a new litter were born.

In this case the mother is a blue-merle color Frenchie, Folti. It's her first litter, and she has such a calm temperature, she is a very good mother for the Frenchie babies.

She has now 4 little angel. Faith: blue-merle color lady, Freda/Sky (reserved): a blue-merle color lady, Fiffy: a blue--fawn color boy, Fynn: a blue-fawn color male boy.