Kash&his amazing family (Alabama)


Karen travelled with her family to Miami to pick up their little Kash. 

Thank you.!! And we're good.! We're headed to Texas with the kids, fur babies included.It's gonna be a long drive but we plan on stopping and sightseeing so I'm excited.! He's really good and he's so calm.! I love it and him.!  He's not like Harlei at all.! She's all over the place and you can always find him in someone's lap or on a pillow on the couch 🤣🤣 He's so laid back.! My neighbor is obsessed with him lol.! I'm so glad we chose you guys.! We'll be in touch around March of next year. 

I take him to Walmart all the time 🤣🤣 He will sit in my purse and not make a sound.! Now Harlei... I definitely have to leave her because she'll jump out and be all over the store 🤦🏽‍♀️

Thank you so much.!! Y'all are the best and so easy to work with.! ❤️❤️

 - Karen from Alabama