How to prepare for your new Frenchie


First of all, congratulation on getting a new family member! The weeks before your puppy arrives are filled with excitement, love, and of course you imagine how your life would be together. To make this life wonderful you need to prepare your home for them.

Here are some of the things you'll need before the arriving day

Create a comfy bed

It's a good idea to have a crate for establishing boundaries and potty training. The crate most provide a big amount of space to your puppy, so choose a big one. Frenchies are energetic, so after an exhausting day, there's nothing your Frenchie will appreciate more than a nice and comfy bed.

Food and water bowls

We recommend an ergonomic bowl to you Frenchie, because their flat faces makes it difficult for them to eat out of regular bowls. A slow-feed bowl is also an excellent choise, because it forces your puppy to slow down their eating which can help them with stomach issues. If the bowl which you find an ergonomic, slow-feed one, don't hesitate. Purchase!

Puppy treats, food

Ask your breeder what they've been feeding your puppy. We recommend feeding the same food for at least a couple of weeks before introducing a different food. You need to start training your Frenchie, we recommend using high quality, low calorie treats.


You'll need a lot of chew toys for your puppy! Frenchies have very powerful jaws that will go through toys like water. They chew to relieve teething pain and also because they're bored.

 Leash, harness, collar and name tag

Harness is needed to support their body when on walks, it provides better control to the owner. Collars are recommended because you can put a dog's name tag on it, but it's not ideal for training and walking. If your puppy likes to pull, collars increase the possibility of neck injuries.


It's important to avoid your puppy from getting cold.

Poop bags

Do we need to explain this?

Stain remover

Accidents can happen all the time. Make sure you clean mistake spots with a good remover. You might not be able to smell it, but the puppy will and might be inclined to go back to that spot.

Grooming essentials

Make sure you purchase shampoo made for dogs. You should also purchase nail clipper and facial anti bacterial wipes.

Puppy proofing your house is also important. We suggest hide away electrical cords, and put away anything that could be poisonous to your puppy (houseplants, cleaning supplies, etc.) out of paw's reach. Make a space for your Frenchie. If you have areas in your home that you don't want the puppy enter, you will need to section off them with a puppy gate. Always keep your trash secure and away from your Frenchie.

You have all of the information you need here to ensure your new journey goes as smoothly as possible. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. We're here to help!