Frenchies everywhere


We think everyone agrees that Frenchies become more and more popular nowadays. 

Why are they popular? You can read in our earlier blog pot (click here).

Nowadays, you can see Frenchies not only in your neighbourhood but in the media also. 

French Bulldogs appeared in many different types of movies and series. 

Let's be honest - they always steal the show.

The first series that comes in our mind is Modern Family. Who wouldn't love Stella? She is a Frenchie of the Pritchett family and oh, God, she's gorgeous! 

Here you can watch a scenepack between Jay and Stella.  - click here

You all know Fast&Furious franchise, right? 

In one of the spin-off films (Hobbs & Shaw) Dwayne Johnson's Frenchie appeared. We must say, he was the biggest star of this film! And it's not only us who thinks this way, but The Rock himself also.

Fun fact: the puppy's name in real life is Hobbs. Do you know what's the character of Dwayne Johnson's name? Luke Hobbs, so basically, he named his Frenchie after the character. How cute!

Here you can watch a little behind the scenes with this beautiful puppy. - click here  

The greatest

There's a Frenchie, who appeared not only in the film, but on the poster! Yes, we're talking about Due Date. You can also watch a short scene of this film, of course one that includes the Frenchie!

  Click here for Frenchie fun 

There must be plenty of other movies that include French Bulldog, but these are the most famous ones that came into our mind first! Let us know if in your favourite film also appeared one.

Frenchies are popular in Hollywood, here are some photos of celebs with their best friend.

Hugh Jackman
Reese Whitherspoon
Eva Longoria
Travis Barker

As we can see to say Frenchies are everywhere is not an exaggeration at all. They are really everywhere. 

The Rock
Lady Gaga