First vet visit & how to choose a good vet


Health checks are not important for just humans, but for Frenchies as well. Some of the regular vet checkups include vaccinations, diet, dental and health examination, grooming or ailments treatments. We bet you have some questions about vets and everyting, so we try to answer them.

How to choose a good vet?

how to start

It's a good idea to get more informations via their webiste, or by visiting them before bringing your puppy.

don't be shy to ask

Feel free to ask questions from the vet or other staff - they'll answer them because they want you to stay.

be prepared

Find out about the clinic's after-hours setup, because keep in mind: emergencies can pop up.

First vet visit - what to expect?

Be prepared!

                                        because the vet is going to do a nose-to-tail examination.

What's that mean? 

The vet should weigh the puppy, listen to heart and lungs, take their temperature, examine eyes, ears nose, feet, genitalia, skin, coat and feces; look at teeth and mouth.

You have to answer some questions about the puppy's history, eating habits, etc.

Remember to bring any paperwork!
Remain calm to help your puppy feel safe.

How often should we take our Frenchies to the vet in a year?

It depends on many things:


  • In the first 4 months it's ideal that you take him for vaccinations every 3-4 weeks,
  • After that you'll know more about his/her physical development and dietary,
  • Within 1-7 years old take him/her bi-annual or at least annually checkups,
  • Above 7 years old take him/her bi-annual check-ups.

Your own volition

But don't forget, sometime your puppy just need some time to get use new things (food).

Of course if your puppy has critical symptom, go to the vet! 

Strange changes

If you notice any change in his feeding, movement, or any deviation!

You can learn loads of information from your vet about your puppy: he/she will help you know a healthy and nutrient-filled meal plan you should get your Frenchie and how often you can brush your Frenchie.

Keep your dog on a regular exam schedule for preventive healthcare is key to a long and healthy life!