Bucket list for your Frenchie for 2022


Bucket list for your Frenchie for 2022

     Everyone has a bucket list, right? I bet you - who are reading this post - have one too.  You cross some things your list by the end of the year. 

So the question is: if everybody has one, then why can't have a dog? Compile that list for your beloved companion! We have some ideas that we'd like to share with you. 

Let's take a look at the activities - but seasonally!

    Spring & Summer bucket list

    Bake doggie easter treats

    What is Easter without chocolate, huh? You know, chocolate isn't right for your furry friend, but who said they can't enjoy something else. There are plenty of recipes on the Internet. Btw, if you bake something for your dog, you won't feel so guilty about eating looooooads of chocolate egg!

    Walk on the beach

    There's no excuse not to plan it if the weather is pleasant. You can check all the dog-friendly beaches on Google. Your puppy is going to love rolling around in the sun and sand!

    Picnic at the park

    Picnic with friends and family is the best! Bring your Frenchie too, Bring some water and snacks for them too.

    Hike a National Park:

    Did you know dogs are welcomed in national parks? Well, in most of them with some guidelines (!), but for safety's sake, check their website before you visit.

    Play in the Sprinklers:

    Honestly, who doesn't enjoy it?! Hook up a waterpool camere and take videos and photos!

    Make ice cream for your dog

    Or if you don't want to make it, you can buy it in a store, there are some Ben&Jerry ice cream for you dogs. But if you'd like to make it, next to the easter treats I'm sure you'll find recipes of it on Google too.

    Fall bucket list

    Visit a pumpkin patch:

    There are some dog-friendly pumpkin patches around the US, but you have to find out about it.

    Bake a pumpkin dog treat

    Same as the easter treats and ice cream - search some recipes on the Internet.

    Make a pet costume

    October=Halloween! Halloween=costume! To make the you and your dog's costume, have a funny uniform!

    Knit your pet a sweather

    You don't want your dog catch a cold, right? Then knit a sweather!

    Carve your pet's face on a pumpkin

    Do I have to explain this? Surprise yourself and your Frenchie with your creativity!

    Winter bucket list

    Make DIY paw print ornaments

    It's going to be so much fun! Make it from salt dough, but be careful! These are toxic to dogs if eaten, so hang them high up on the tree.

    Cuddle and watch snow fall with your dog

    Is there a better program for a cold winter day? I don't think so!

    Have a winter family photoshoot

    You can hang those photos ont he wall all around your house/flat!

    Go for (short!) walk and watch christmas light displays

    It's a good activity too, you're on the fresh air, watching the beautiful lights, but it's cold, your Frenchie needs extra attention - read our previous blog post!

    Watch the Puppy Bowl

    The Super Bowl is scheduled for 6.30PM ET on February 13, right? Well, then you can watch with your puppy the Puppy Bowl before that! It's televised at 3PM ET, so it's perfect! Oh, and it's a super special episode of Animal Planet. Don't forget it, your puppy will be sad! .

    Well, this is the end of this bucket list. These activities keep you and your Frenchie busy and active. Try them out and if you feel like you can share some photos and videos with us via Instagram or e-mail. 

    It's going to be an amazing year!