AKC registration - how to do it?


The first thing that's needed to be clarify - what is AKC? 

It stands for American Kennel Club. It allows you to register purebred dogs or dogs who belong to an approved dog breed AND have a registration number

Your puppy needs to be registered if you want to breed him/her in the future. You can check where your puppy is from and be proud of his/her bloodline.

If you buy a Frenchie from us, we will send you the pedigree immediately

On this you will see every details of your puppy: his/her registration number, name, date of birth, color, microchip number and family tree

AKC accept FCI (Fédération cynologique internationale; International Canine Federation), but you have to do some paperwork.

  •  You need to fill out a registration application, pay the processing fee (it costs $125) and send it to the AKC.
  •  Is this form the only thing you need to send? No. 
  • They require one photocopy of the certificate of registration and of the pedigree, and two color photographs of the dog in a standing position: one front view and one side view too.

Once you send these required documents, it will be reviewed by AKC staff. When your puppy has been officially registered, you will be sent an AKC email confirmation.

If you feel lost, feel free to contact us, we're here to help you!
Have a wonderful life with your puppy!