"I have been dreaming of the perfect family and I think I have it really narrowed down. They'd like to spend lots of time outside soaking up all the sun and play time that they can get. Having fun is very, very important. They would also like yummy food. The more puppy treats they'd be willing to give me, the better. My perfect family would also like to take a nap every now and then. That way, we can recharge and be ready for more fun later on. Most importantly, they would be ready to love a puppy like me. I want to be everything that you could dream of in a puppy if you just give me that chance. I hope to hear from my perfect family soon! I know they are out there!"

He is perfect for breeding, showing or family pet. Mateo is beautiful representative of his breed, he  has straight back, strong bones and perfect nose. His breath is easy. Mateo's price is including shipment cost, new travel crate, health guarantee, health certificate, vet check before flight, deworming, microchip and all vaccinations including rabies vaccinaton.

If you don't want to breed her and you don't need an export pedigree, the price is cheeper.